Duolingo – One of the most comprehensive free language learning programs that is out there is both an iPhone and Android app called Duolingo. (There is also a website that you can access from your computer if you would rather use a laptop instead of a smartphone.) They now offer nine languages (including the most popular European languages such as Spanish, French, German, and Italian).  DON’T FORGET TO SIGN UP FOR MY CLASS THERE.

Instead of levels of increasing difficulty such as level 1, level 2, and level 3, Duolingo starts you out learning some of the most basic phrases that you need to get around in a country. Each new skill builds on the vocabulary and syntax that you have already learned. Duolingo’s structure is much more organic and free flowing than a normal college course in a foreign language would be (think of a brainstorming cloud diagram compared to a structured essay outline). You learn whole phrases and sentences at a time instead of just words and sounds. And each subject and skill you progress to flows organically from the last one that you learned.

Unlike Rosetta Stone, though, Duolingo uses minimal pictures as it teaches you a foreign language. is another great free language learning program! With you get to browse the web, collect vocabulary words that you want to learn or need to learn from real articles in your target language, and then add them into your app (or account).

Once you add your vocabulary words into the program, you will be provided with definitions for the words. The program will then portion out your vocabulary words into nice review sessions (you get to choose between the “coffee break,” “regular size,” and “word feast” length sessions). will also shuffle your vocabulary words together so that don’t forget any of them.

SpanishDict – I have created and accumulated many practice sets of vocabulary for each level.  I used to be able to embed them on this site, but they discontinued that feature, so I will be providing the links to those.  You can also cremenu buttonate your own lists and exercises for practice very easily.


Quizlet – Use it online or as an app.

My Spanish III folder with numerous vocabulary sets:

Busuu – Not only is Busuu a free language learning website, it is also a free language learning app for both iPhones and Androids. Busuu loosely follows the immersion approach with its language learning software. There are a number of preset lessons divided into over 150 units. These lessons are both picture and sound based. (Again, think Rosetta Stone type learning for 0% of the cost!) With Busuu you can also talk with native speakers of the language you are trying to learn! Busuu has a video chat application that lets you actually interact with the native speaker you are talking to.

Polyglot is not a complete language learning program. However, it is a great free language learning tool to have on hand. You can combine it with any other language learning program that you are using, and you can also use it when you are just actively reading in a language to help you learn the words you don’t already know.

In essence, Polyglot is an online flashcard database. Instead of picking through pre-made flashcards, though, you get to create your own.

studyspanish – You can study grammar and vocabulary.  The two exercises in each are Quiz 1 and Test 1.  The others are for paid accounts.  DON’T FORGET TO SIGN UP WITH MY TEACHER ID TO GET CREDIT FOR DOING OUR WORK.


Use these pages on a daily basis!
Vocab Practice http://www.quizlet.comSpanish I Quizlet II Quizlet III Quizlet IV Quizlet
 Go practice our vocab with already made flashcards and fun games. Just search for srarose
Study Spanish Get reinforcement here for any concept we have learned in class. There are explanations, practice and quizzes.
Grammar Practice Practice basic to advanced grammar here! It’s fun!
Voice Recording http://www.audioboom.comThere is an app, too! This is very easy. Your recordings can be inserted in your wiki page
Voice Recording Voice Record Pro app This is very easy.
Radio Stations Choose to listen to all types of music from hundreds of Spanish stations. Great listening practice!
Listening http://www.notesinspanish.comChoose the level that you can understand. Listen to a native from Madrid and her husband from England who continues learning Spanish as they speak about numerous topics.
Native Speakers Listen to Native Speakers from different Spanish speaking countries. See what they are saying in Spanish and in English with scripts. Practice comprehension skills, get ideas for projects and learn about other cultures!
Conjugations Go here to help with conjugating your verbs!
Pronunciation Practice See and hear how we should look and sound when speaking Spanish.
Best Dictionary Ever Use this instead of a translator (I will know if you use a translator). Use the verb conjugator and the forums to find out more!




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