El fin del trimestre

Livebinder with Listening sites:  http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=1943036

——El Cuento De Los Reyes Magos(bien contado).


Salam Neighbor is making it’s U.S. TELEVISION DEBUT with Participant Media‘s Pivot!! Starting January 20th, at 7 PM Eastern, and continuing this winter.

Participant is famous for widely impactful films such as Citizenfour, An Inconvenient Truth, and Food Inc, and has been nominated for 37 Academy Awards.

Together we hope to provide a unique and intimate look into the lives of Syrian refugees.

Watch the Film’s Trailer here: www.SalamNeighbor.org


Living for 30 Days in a Syrian Refugee Camp with The Salam Neighbor Project


How do Syrian refugees get into the U.S.? Explaining the process



A wary start to Syrian refugees’ new life in Kentucky

December 26, 2015



USC students make viral Arabic-Spanish video – Meet the two women behind the viral video.




Sin salida:  Guatemala rechaza hacer de puente a los migrantes cubanos


Costa Rica rompe con el SICA y cerrará el paso a migrantes cubanos
20 de diciembre de 2015


El hacinamiento en las cárceles:  un costo muy alto para el Estado y la Justicia


Pueden ver un video nuevo sobre la vida de Rosa, de Guatemala…

ROSA – These Storms



Spielberg graba en Guatemala



Después, pueden ver una telenovela, Destinos.  Es un poco viejo, pero pueden ver solamente el cuento. (fast forward to the episodes).  There are 52 episodes that you can watch and practice during 2nd trimester for practice.  They begin with very simple exercises and reviews.  You can skip those, so just watching the episodes shouldn’t take very long.  You will find episodes from many Spanish-speaking countries.  Today you can get started on the series…   The first episode actually starts at the 10:00 minute point.

Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish


Los Cuerpos de Paz estadounidenses se van de un El Salvador que parece estar en guerra


Así  cantaba Cuba – an interesting biography of Ramón Sabat and his development and loss of Panart Records

That’s How Cuba Sang – The history of Ramón Sabat and Panart Records

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 The World in 2015: Global population and the changing shape of world demographics



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