El verano


Below you will find articles and listening activities for practice during the summer.

WARNING I sometimes get carried away and just keep adding.  You don’t have to use it ALL.  I just add what I think is interesting and could be of interest to you as a learner of language and culture.

  • While reading and listening to articles like this one, you should list new words that you believe could be useful in the future.
  • Limit your list so that you can concentrate on the most important ones.
  • Notice recurring words.  You should find that you will see some words used in future articles.
  • Look for particular phrases that are used.  Ex. “es decir” – that is to say, “de hecho” – in fact.
  • This is a good online dictionary to use:  http://www.wordreference.com/

The first article that you can read and listen to is El coyote, an interview with a coyote that takes illegal immigrants from Central America to cross the border of the United States in Arizona.  Yes, a “coyote” is the guide for such journeys.  Many of them are unscrupulous, like a coyote.


How a peaceful protest changed a violent country


Blendspace – various resources:  Cultura indígena en América Latina


Keep an eye out for infomation about the Empowerment of Women throughout the world.  (Did you know that 7% of the world’s billionaires have taken the challenge by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to give up a portion of their wealth for improving the world)

Are you aware that a woman on Facebook began a movement to oust the president and his vice-president of Guatemala?  Look for information about that!  It was the only peaceful demonstration in Latin America that has ended in positive results.

This is in English, but it’s very interesting about Waiting for the Revolution.  Download it here: waiting_discussion

Hay una prevista aquí:  http://itvs.org/films/waiting-for-the-revolution


¿Quieren escribir un cuento interactivo? – http://www.inklestudios.com/inklewriter/


You can download a pdf with lots of Spanish activities for the summer at the site below:

Summer Spanish 2015


 WHICH WAY HOME – un documental interesante  VIDEOCLIPS

(Compré el DVD, pero puedes ver una prevista)




América del Sur se moviliza para hallar bebés robados en dictadura





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