Week 12 3-6 febrero 2015

3 de febrero de 2015


February 6, 2015
Category Lesson Name Assignment
1. Grammar 54. “Por” and “Para” Quiz 1
2. Grammar 54. “Por” and “Para” Test 1
3. Grammar 80. Subjunctive: IV Quiz 1
4. Grammar 80. Subjunctive: IV Test 1
5. Grammar 81. Subjunctive: V Quiz 1
6. Grammar 81. Subjunctive: V Test 1
7. Grammar 97. Indirect Commands Quiz 1
8. Grammar 97. Indirect Commands Test 1
9. Grammar 98. Commands Review 2 Quiz 1
10. Grammar 98. Commands Review 2 Test 1
11. Grammar 102. Past Perfect Quiz 1
12. Grammar 102. Past Perfect Test 1
13. Grammar 103. Future Perfect Quiz 1
14. Grammar 103. Future Perfect Test 1
15. Grammar 104. Conditional Tense Quiz 1
16. Grammar 104. Conditional Tense Test 1

Siguen leyendo La guerra sucia.

4 de febrero de 2015

computer lab for studyspanish.com

5 de febrero de 2015

La guerra sucia capítulo 12 Preguntas
1. ¿Qué pensaron Nick y Alex que era raro?
2. ¿Cuándo se quedaron preocupados por su madre Nick y Alex?
3. Nick fue a hablar con el editor de World Report. ¿Por qué el editor evitaba mirarle a los ojos?
4. ¿Cómo responde el editor cuando Nick le dice que deben hacer algo para encontrar a Leslie?
5. Unos días después el editor llama a la casa. ¿Por qué Alex le grita al editor en el teléfono?
6. El editor envió dos reporteros a Buenos Aires para buscar a Leslie. ¿Qué llegó a la casa de Leslie una semana después?
7. ¿Qué encontraron en el hotel de Buenos Aires dónde se quedaba Leslie?
8. ¿Qué encontraron en la casa de Magdalena?
9. Cuándo regresaron a la casa de Magdalena al día siguiente, ¿Qué pasó?
10. ¿Qué encontraron cuando revisaron el archivo de las entradas de visitantes en el aeropuerto?
11. ¿Qué insinuaron sobre Leslie los agentes de la embajada?
12. ¿Qué supo Alex cuando escuchó a Nick llorando en su dormitorio?


In Capítulo 12 the reader becomes aware that Leslie would never be seen again. She is captured by the Military Junta because she is about to compose a story that would prove that the government is behind the mysterious disappearances of Argentine citizens…

On March 25, 1977, an Argentine journalist, Rodofo Walsh, was killed by the government for his political views and open writing about the events transpiring in the country. Walsh was killed by the military one day after he published a work entitled, “Carta Abierta de un escritor a la Junta Militar,” or “Open letter from an author to the Military Junta.” To learn more about Rodolfo Walsh, read the article about him at the following link:


Choose an individual from the Wall of Memory and compose a summary of his/her life and the facts known about his/her disappearance.


Imagine that Leslie, in her first days of detainment, secretly composed an article spelling out the truth about what was happening in Argentina.

  • What would she say in it?
  • What evidence would she include that she observed/learned that helps to validate the claims that the government is behind the disappearances?
  • Besides her own personal account, which other people’s stories would she be sure to include?
  • How would she end the article?
  • Would she make a plea for help from the world?
  • What would be the title of the article?

As a summary project for the novel La Guerra Sucia, you will compose a version of Leslie’s article that she would have published. Use the questions above to help you think about what to include in it. As a bonus, you may also want to draw some sketches, or find some photos online, that represent some of the people/places/events that Leslie would have mentioned in the article.




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