6 de diciembre de 2010

We will be in the computer lab (The Trojan Lab) December 6, 8 and 10. (We will not be in class Dec. 9th due to our Testing meetings.)


It is best to open another window so that you can return to this page to follow the directions.

Please follow these instructions:

Registering as a Student

1. Go to the home page: http://www.studyspanish.com/
2. Click on the link “Get a Free Membership.”
3. Enter your Email address. (Use your school e-mail address so that you can access it from the computer lab)
4. Click “Become a Member.”

Confirming Your Registration

5. Check your Email for a message from StudySpanish.com.
6. Write down the password that’s in the message. (It will be selected randomly for you)
7. Go to: http://www.studyspanish.com/forms/confirm.htm (There will be a link to it in the e-mail)
8. Enter your Email Address.
9. Enter your Password.
10. Click “Confirm.”
11. Enter your First Name.
12. Enter your Last Name.
13. Check the box for newsletters (optional). This is NOT necessary.
14. Teacher ID: K4RQJZFX
15. Click “Activate Your Free Account.”

During this week you will have assignments from StudySpanish.com  Go to that site and look at the syllabus.  The assignments will be due by Friday night (12/10/10) at midnight. – (The time that you do these is provided to me on the site)

When you are at View Syllabus, look to the left and click on December 6 in the calendar.

Do the exercises that are listed during this week. (They are also listed below)

Practice the Oral part first.  Click on Visit link to the right of the exercise listed on the Syllabus.  When you get to the exercise page, look to the left to find Oral 1 and practice that.

(There are Verb Drills that you can use to practice, but I won’t get your scores for those. Look up at the top tabs for those)

Then do the Basic Quiz and the Mini-Test.   Save your Scores!!!

You should go back and make corrections of your errors. All grades for these SHOULD BE 100%!!!

These are the assigned quizzes and tests…
1. Grammar 10. Regular Verbs: III Quiz 1
2. Grammar 10. Regular Verbs: III Test 1
3. Grammar 63. Preterite: I Quiz 1
4. Grammar 63. Preterite: I Test 1
5. Grammar 64. Imperfect: I Quiz 1
6. Grammar 64. Imperfect: I Test 1
7. Grammar 77. Subjunctive: I Quiz 1
8. Grammar 77. Subjunctive: I Test 1
9. Grammar 99. Future Tense Quiz 1
10. Grammar 101. Present Perfect Quiz 1
11. Grammar 101. Present Perfect Test 1
12. Grammar 102. Past Perfect Test 1
13. Grammar 104. Conditional Tense Quiz 1
14. Grammar 104. Conditional Tense Test 1
15. Grammar 102. Past Perfect Quiz 1
16. Grammar 99. Future Tense Test 1

Begin researching your topic after reading about Formal Oral Presentational Speaking in the sites below.

All presentations must have information from .at least 3 sources
Even if you are watching a movie, you still must look for two other sources for your topic with information about the time period and people involved.  Refer to these resources when you present.

Refer to these pages under Formal Speaking or Formal Oral Presentations: (These are links to my pages on this website.)

https://srarose4.wordpress.com/ap-test Also look for the Lista de Muletillas for help with those comments we make when we are thinking about what to say next or linking our thoughts.  You should pick a few that you will rely on when you get stressed. (and you will – it’s okay!)

https://srarose4.wordpress.com/ap-test/tips-for-preparing-for-the-ap-exam (You can also find help with citing your sources here… phrases to use and how to use them)

When looking for information about your topic or person, try to include news articles.  To the right, there are many links to newspapers from Latin America.  Look at Noticias y Periódicos.

Here is a site where you can print a study sheet of verb tenses. It’s in color. I have printed them for you in black and white, but the changes to the verbs are highlighted in various colors to help you see those changes if you download it here:





Your task:

Tell us about your topic, the background of the person’s life, the movie, or the event.

Relate your topic to Human Rights violations occurring at the time of the person’s life, the movie or the event.

Tell us how this fits into the events that followed what your person did, what happened in the movie, or the event that occurred.



CONTENT – # minutes, complete, pertinent and well developed, correct info, speaks of the history

ORGANIZATION – Well-organized with smooth transitions (introduction, facts personal and or global links, conclusion)

DEVELOPMENT OF TOPIC – Integrates well the sources, pertinent and complete, not just a summary

FLUIDITY – Minimal fluctuations, excellent pronunciation, appropriate register

LANGUAGE – Precise vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, control of a variety of grammatical structures, idioms or sayings included



Latinoamericanos que ganaron el Premio Nóbel de la Paz por sus esfuerzos por los DD.HH.

•        1980:  Adolfo Pérez Esquivel:  Argentina
•        1982:  Alfonso García Robles:  México
•        1987: Óscar Arias Sánchez:  Costa Rica
•        1992:  Rigoberta Menchú, Guatemala
•        Romero  – nominado
•        Madres de la Plaza de Mayo – nominado
Otras personas importantes
•        Padre Rutilio Grande
•        Charlie Horman
•        Víctor Jara fue un músico famoso en Chile
•        Salvador Allende – Chilean president
•        General Augusto Pinochet – Chilean dictator 1973-1989
• Emilio Massera – Argentina
•        Fernando Botero, pintor colombiano
•        César Chávez – los EE.UU.


la guerra sucia

Argentina:  Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo

Chile:  las esposas de los desaparecidos bailaron la cueca (la danza nacional) solas, con la foto de su esposo desaparecido en su blusa.

Malvinas war and the junta

En Arizona, 2010 – La ley nueva

Forensics used to identify relatives of los desaparecidos… Dr. Clyde Snow

Operation Condor

La escuelita – by Alicia Partnoy, story of survival in Argentina’s dirty war


•        La historia oficial:  la Argentina

•        Missing:  Chile

•        Machuca: Chile

•        Romero: el Salvador   I no longer have this one.

•        Voces inocentes:  el Salvador

•        In the Time of Butterflies: la República Dominicana

•        La Noche de los Lápices – La Argentina

•        Cautiva – La Argentina

•        Walkout I don’t have this one.

•        Imagining Argentina I don’t have this one.

Apuntes sobre la película

  1. Título
  2. Personajes principales
  3. Actores principales
  4. Fechas
  5. Lugar
  6. ¿Cuál fue el abuso de los DD.HH.?
  7. ¿Qué pasaba en el país durante esa época?
  8. Protagonista:  ¿cómo cambió?  ¿qué causó que cambiara? ¿qué habría pasado si no hubiera cambiado?

otros temas que pueden considerar…

los FARC

Hugo Chávez y RCTV

Lori Berenson’s trial and sentence in Perú under President Fujimori’s regime

Che Guevara

Oliver North and the Sandinistas



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